We guarantee top quality and service for all jobs undertaken.

Resprays, touch ups & crash repairs

Our staff are fully qualified and trained in all aspects of crash repair , touch up and respray on virtually any type of vehicle. We offer competitive rates and high standards.

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Body Styling

Have you ever want you car to be modernised? Then why not see what body styles we can offer. We offer body kits ordered in, or bespoke features made to fit. We can order and fit specialised tyres. Race car graphics and styling. We can also offer monitors and sound sytems for cars. In short we can convert your car to your specalised requirements. It's our way of ‘pimping your ride’!

Designed and priced to requirements


We guarantee top quality and service in all jobs undertaken.

Servicing & mechanics
Commercial & domestic

We provide an exceptional garage service for all private and commercial vehicles. Our professional garage services are available to all diesel and petrol vehicles and include:

  • all types of servicing
  • tyre changes
  • diagnostics
  • clutchs
  • exhausts
  • commercial headlight setting